What to bring to an appointment

You can enhance you visit and minimize difficulties with  advance preparation. Decide what you want from your visit and write it down. Ask your referring physician to send any pertinent medical information to our physician in advance with this form (16KB), and if you have had x-rays, CT scans, etc. which relate to your problem, bring copies of those to your visit if possible.

Bring all of your medications and supplements in their original bottles. This helps your doctor know exactly which medications you are 
taking, reduces the possibility of medication interaction, and facilitates timely refill of prescriptions. Complete your medical history form with as much specific detail as possible; this form often holds clues vital to proper diagnosis and treatment.

Bring your Picture ID (State issued ID or Drivers License or Passport) and your health insurance card; if you are covered by two plans, bring both cards and determine in advance which is your primary coverage. Check your insurance plan booklet to see if you need a physician referral and/or authorization number before your visit.

Patients should arrive thirty minutes before their scheduled appointment. This allows time to complete registration forms, discuss your insurance coverage with our business office staff, and learn more about our facilities. You can expedite this process by printing out and completing the forms before you arrive at the clinic.

Forms on this site require Acrobat Reader.

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